Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

These are some of the more common questions we receive every year. Please take a look below and if you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Insurance Coordinator

Insurance Reference Materials

If you are looking for more information about insurance terms and how insurance works, click on the button below to go to the United Healthcare Student Resources "Help Center" where you can watch videos and read about how insurance works.

Help Center – United Healthcare Student Resources

I am an international student at KU. Do I need to have health insurance?

Yes. Health insurance is mandatory for all international students in F-1, F-2 and J-1 status enrolled at KU. There are no exceptions.

I am a permanent resident/US citizen and not an international student. Do I need to have health insurance?

No. Although you are advised to have health insurance, ISS does not enforce this requirement on permanent residents. If you are a permanent resident or U.S. citizen but your account is flagged with an insurance indicator (ISI), your visa type citizenship information will need to be updated in SAKU academic database. For information on how to change your visa type citizenship information in SAKU email

Do I need to purchase the United Healthcare plan offered by the ISS office?

No. You are free to purchase any insurance as long as it meets the minimum requirements. Waivers will not be granted if the policy does not meet all the requirements, no exceptions!

How do I enroll in the United Healthcare insurance plan?

In order to purchase the United Healthcare insurance, you must be an international student currently enrolled at KU. As an F-1, F-2 or J-1 student the insurance charge will be automatically added to your tuition bill and will appear as a required campus fee. If for some reason you do not see this charge or have questions, please contact an insurance team member.

I already have an insurance plan with a different company. How do I get waived from the insurance requirements?

Please see our waiver section for instructions on how to submit your alternate insurance.

I am a sponsored student and my sponsor pays for my insurance. How do I get waived from the insurance requirements?

Please see our waiver section for instructions on how to submit your alternate insurance.

I am currently holding a work visa (i.e. H, TN, L). How do I get waived from the insurance requirements?

Please see our waiver section for instructions on how to submit your alternate insurance.

I applied for an insurance waiver, but there is still a charge of $170 from ISS on my account. Why?

The $170 ISS fee ($85 for summer) is not related to the mandatory insurance requirement. Questions regarding the fee should be directed to our Office Manager, Regina Sherrill.

I already paid the insurance premium. When will I receive my ID card?

Your Student Health Insurance ID Card is available online 24/7 via My Account on the United Healthcare website. Please keep in mind insurance ID cards are only available after you have received notification from ISS Insurance that your insurance for the semester has been activated. You CANNOT print out a card before you receive an email from ISS Insurance notifying you that your insurance has been activated. For more information on how to print your insurance ID card, see the Plan Details & ID Cards webpage.

I lost or never received my ID card. How do I get a new one?

Use your login (or create a new login) on the United Healthcare website and request a new ID card through the members options. If you need to utilize services before you receive it, please ask ISS to call Student Assurance Services to verify coverage.

When will my insurance expire?

Expiration dates are December 31 (for the fall semester), May 31 (for the spring) or July 31 (summer semester).

I'm not taking classes this fall or spring semester. Do I have to have insurance?

If you are an international student, and you are in the US, you are required to be enrolled in a full course of study each fall/spring semester to stay legal in the country; therefore, health insurance is required. If you are currently on OPT or CPT, please discuss this matter with the insurance coordinator to determine if insurance is required.

I am not taking classes this summer. Do I have to have insurance?

No, but we strongly recommend that you have insurance all year round to avoid issues caused by breaks in coverage, such as accidents or pre-existing conditions. Students not enrolled in summer classes are still eligible for insurance if they were enrolled in the preceding spring term.

I am just taking classes over the summer. Do I still need insurance?

Yes. For any semester (fall, spring or summer) in which you are enrolled at the University of Kansas, you are required to have insurance. This may be an insurance of your choice that is approved by the ECI Services, or the United Healthcare plan.

I have just purchased the United Healthcare insurance plan. How do I learn about the coverage?

You can browse our website for more information, download the current United Healthcare Insurance Plan brochure, or you may contact an insurance team member at +1-785-864-3617 or by email at

I went to see a doctor outside Watkins Health Center and received a bill. What should I do?

Most doctors and hospitals will send the bill directly to the insurance company. Please ask them if they can complete a claim form for you. Please contact an insurance team member if you need help with this process.

How do I know if I am eligible to receive the reimbursement for KU Center for Research (KUCR) funded GRA's?

If you are not sure if your GRA funding is coming from KUCR, please read our Health Insurance for Graduate Assistants page.