Setup your KU ID

Understand your KU ID

Your Student ID Number is the unique identification number assigned to you upon admission. Your Student ID Number is called your “KU ID Number”.

You will use your KU Student ID Number to:

  • Create your KU Online ID
  • Check-in to most KU offices for service, such as for immigration or academic advising
  • Use the Watkins Health Center

Your Student ID Number is a seven digit number that will look like this: 7654321

Undergraduate Students

  • You may view your KUID number when you log into your application account. Log in with the username and password you created when you started your account. Expand the information for your submitted application and click View Your Decision.
  • If you applied through the Common App your KUID is on the official admission letter you received from the International Admissions office after you were admitted. Please check your email for this letter. If you are unable to find your admission letter, please contact

Graduate Students

  • Your KU ID number is in the Decision Email you got from the Graduate Admissions office.

Applied English Center (ESL only) Students

  • Your KU ID number is on your admission letter from the Applied English Center.

Law Students

  • Your KU ID number is listed on the Official Admission Letter.

Activate KU Online ID

You may only set up your KU Online ID after you are admitted to KU. Your KU Online ID is different than your KU Student ID Number. Your KU Online ID will be used for:

  • Accessing your KU email account
  • Accessing the iHawk system to complete electronic immigration forms
  • Accessing the free, secure wifi on KU campus
  • Enrolling in classes at KU
  • Paying your tuition online

Your KU Online ID will consist of two initials and six numbers like this: z123a765

KU ID Card

The KU ID Card is the official University of Kansas identification card for students, faculty, staff, and other members of the KU community. The KU ID Card enables you to ride the city busses for free, among other benefits. You will receive your KU ID Card after you arrive on campus. You can learn more about the KU ID card at the KU Card Center.

KU Email

When you activate your KU online ID, it will automatically generate a KU email with the online ID as the first portion. For example, During the activation process you will be able to create a KU email alias, also known as a custom email address.

When you login to your KU email account, the username will be your KU online ID and the password you created. You will not be able to login using the alias you created.


If you have forgotten your password when you try to login, please try to reset you password and you will be prompted to answer challenge questions. If you are still having problems please contact Information Technology at +1-786-864-8080.