OPT Reporting

Where to Report

ISS recommends doing all reporting through iHawkSEVP will give you an option to do some limited reporting through an SEVP Portal. The portal is optional and ISS discourages you from making reports directly to the government. Reports through iHawk will be reviewed by ISS for compliance before submitting updates to SEVIS. Also, ISS will automatically print a new I-20 when necessary.

  1. Login to iHawk with your KU Online ID.
  2. Go to F-1 Practical Training and select “OPT Reporting".
  3. Complete and submit the appropriate report. You can submit the same e-form multiple times as needed.

Tips for Special Categories

Performing Artist

If you are a performing arts student with multiple short-term gigs (less than 10 days apart) please write "Multiple Short Term Gigs" in Company Name and put the start date of the first gig as "Employment Start Date."  If you have more than a 10 day gap in between gigs you should report this as a loss of employment under the “Previous Employment Information” section of the E-Form - use "Multiple Short Term Gigs" as employer name and indicate the last date of the last gig worked.

Self-Employed on Contract

If self-employed on contract, write "Self-employed work for hire" in Company Name and include the start date of the contract in "Employment Start Date." You do not have to report multiple contract work unless they are more than 10 days apart.  If there are more than 10 days between the end of one contract and the beginning of another contract or start of a new job, you should report the gap as a loss of employment under the “Previous Employment Information” section of the E-Form. Write "Self-employed work for hire" in company name and use the ending date of the last contract worked.

Self-Employed Business Owner

Write "Self-employed business owner" for company name. Indicate the date you went into business. If the business closes or you no longer work for the business full-time, you must report this as a loss of employment under the “Previous Employment Information” section of the E-Form.

Note: Self-employment may require acquiring business permits and licenses and the business owner is subject to all applicable business and self-employment tax obligations.


  • For KU Online ID and login questions, contact KUIT directly.
  • For OPT reporting requirement questions, review the OPT webpage section on Post-Comp OPT Reporting Requirements first. If you still have questions, email iss@ku.edu with "OPT Reporting Question" in the subject line.

Instructions for Employers (STEM OPT only)

Employers should report the termination or departure of an employee who is on the STEM OPT extension by emailing iss@ku.edu. Provide the following in the email:

  • Subject: “STEM OPT Employment Termination"
  • Body of email: Employee’s full name, date of birth and SEVIS ID Number.  Date of termination.  Employer’s contact name, title, department, and phone number. Company name.

Any questions, email iss@ku.edu with "Employer OPT Reporting Question" in the subject line.