Staying Legal

All international students are responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of their visa status in the U.S. In order to maintain your legal F-1 immigration status, you must assume the following responsibilities.

Full Course of Study

Every F-1 student must complete a full course of study each Fall/Spring semester (and Summer if it is your first semester) and make normal progress towards completing the program of study.

Limitation on counting ONLINE course credits towards minimum requirement:

Generally, only one online class (up to 3 credit hours) can count towards the full-time enrollment requirement. 

  • Note: students taking any AEC classes cannot count any online class towards the full-time enrollment requirement.

KU defines full-time enrollment during Fall and Spring semesters:

For undergraduate students:

  • 12 credit hours (including any AEC courses)

For graduate students:

  • 9 credit hours
  • 6 credit hours plus a GTA, GRA, or GA appointment

Students must not drop a course and become less than full time without prior authorization from ISS. Please note that there are very limited circumstances in which pursuing less than full-time study is allowed. Please read the Reduced Course Load section. 

Conditions and Restrictions on Student Employment

Students must not engage in unauthorized employment. F-1 students in good standing are eligible for on-campus employment. Students must stop on campus employment with their I-20 end date. A student must obtain prior written authorization from ISS for other types of employment.

Change of Residential Address

Students must report any change of residential address to ISS within 10 days of the change. Please change your address in iHawk AND Enroll & Pay.

Required Travel Documents

Please review our travel information page before making plans to travel abroad. An F-1 student should get a travel signature on I-20 form and speak with an international advisor if desired before traveling. 

Students should keep their passport valid for six months into the future at all times.

Program Changes

Get a new I-20 for any change in major or degree level at KU.

Program Extension

Extend I-20 prior to the program end date on your I-20 form if you are not finished.

Grace Period

Leave the U.S. within 60 days of finishing your program, or, if eligible, apply for change of status or be admitted to another academic program. 

Immigration Documents

Carry I-94 (either electronic printout or paper card) at all times and your passport needs to be valid at least 6 months into the future.

Read more information about F-1 status on U.S. Department of Homeland Security website.