Health Insurance for Graduate Assistants

F-1, F-2, or J-1 Enrolled Students

If you have a 50% Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) or Graduate Assistant (GA) payroll appointment, you qualify for the university’s 75% contribution to your insurance premium if your position lasts a minimum of eight (8) consecutive work weeks during the fall or spring semester, or four (4) consecutive work weeks during the summer semester.

If you qualify and once you enroll in a class, you are automatically charged for the premium on your Enroll & Pay account, but the university’s contribution can take several weeks to process and appear on your tuition and fees bill.

Cost for 50% GTA/GRA/GA Health Insurance (Incentivized)

Students with a 50% GTA, GRA and/or GA appointment qualify for a premium subsidy through their employment relationship with the University.  Eligible 50% GTA, GRA and/or GA students will have 75% or the student-only premium paid by the University.  The remaining 25% of the student-only premium and the premiums for any dependents are the student's responsibility.  If a student meets the above eligibility requirements and chooses to purchase this health insurance, the office of Graduate Studies provides a breakdown of semester premiums and the University contributions for the various coverage options offered under the plan.

To avoid late fees, qualifying graduate students should pay the full amount due for tuition and fees, including the insurance charge, before their bill’s due date.  STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL FEES PLACED ON THEIR ACCOUNTS, AS WELL AS ANY AND ALL LATE FEES THEY INCUR.  Once the university’s contribution is processed, students will receive a 75% credit on their Enroll & Pay accounts.

If the 75% insurance credit is not assessed to a student’s account due to university contribution delays and are assessed a late fee on their account, information on how to submit a fee petition for the late fees can be found on the Registrar's website.


Activation and Assessment of University’s 75% insurance contribution

All eligible 50% GTA, GRA and/or GA students can apply for health insurance coverage by submitting an online application at United Healthcare Online Enrollment each semester.

Steps to be completed by Students:

Step 1:  Enroll in KU classes.  The insurance fee for the semester will automatically be assessed to the student’s account in Enroll and Pay.  Insurance rates for eligible GTA, GRA, GA students can be found above.

Step 2:  Submit an online application to United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR).  Once the application has been submitted, the University will verify eligibility and approve the application.  Go to United Healthcare Online Enrollment and click on the “Enrollment Form” link at the bottom of the webpage. 

Steps to be completed by Human Resources (HRM) and/or International Support Services (ISS):

Step 3:  50% GTA, GRA and/or GA appointment must be keyed in the HR Pay system for coverage application to be approved.  International Support Services (ISS) will verify appointment has been keyed.  Insurance will be activated by United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR).

Step 4:  Notification of the activation of the GTA/GRA/GA health insurance plan will be sent to the student by International Support Services (ISS). 

Step 5:  Once the application has been approved, Human Resources Management (HRM) will process the 75% insurance credit on the student’s account after classes begin for the semester.  Insurance credits can only be processed by HRM bi-weekly.  Summer 2022 insurance credits will be keyed on 6/14/2022.  There are several calculations which occur before the insurance credits will post to student accounts on or before 6/19/2022.  Students with a qualifying GTA/GRA/GA appointment for the semester should pay their 25% of the insurance fee when paying tuition and fees. 

Any eligible 50% GTA, GRA and/or GA student who does not complete the above activation process by 6/7/2022 will automatically have their summer 2022 health insurance plan activated after summer insurance credits post on student accounts.  (Note:  The coverage date for the summer 2022 health insurance plan begins on 6/1/2022 and ends on 7/31/22.) 

Dependent Insurance

If you have dependents you would like to add to your health insurance plan, submit their enrollment information when submitting the online activation enrollment form.  You will pay the insurance premium for all dependents directly to UHCSR.  The University contribution of 75% only covers your individual insurance; there is no contribution to the cost of your dependent’s insurance.

J-2 Dependents

If you have J-2 immigration status and have 50% GTA, GRA or GA appointment, you will need to contact the ISS Insurance Team, to have your insurance activated.