Health Care & Insurance

Required Health Documents

All international students are required to complete a Watkins Health Services Check-In after their arrival to Lawrence. Please prepare your Immunization History Form before your arrival and bring the completed form with you to KU. It must be completed in English and signed by your doctor.

Watkins Health Services Center

Watkins Health Services (WHS) is located on campus, and provides high quality, affordable medical care to KU students through a team of dedicated professionals. WHS providers are experienced in the healthcare needs of international students. Learn more about KU’s Watkins Health Services.

Student Health Service Fee

A general health fee is added to your tuition to cover a variety of health services at Watkins Health Services. Special care may require additional charges, but the costs are usually lower than those charged by off-campus health services. Learn more about KU’s Watkins Health Services.

Required Health Insurance

Health Insurance coverage is mandatory for all international students who are in:

  • F-1 or F-2 status and enrolled in classes; or
  • J-1 or J-2 dependent status (regardless of enrollment) for the duration of their program

F-1, F-2, and J-1 students enrolling in classes receive the United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) insurance coverage automatically, regardless of their course load. The charge for insurance is added to the student tuition and fees bill.

KU United Healthcare Student Resource Insurance Coverage

The KU United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) insurance coverage for students is a competitively-priced health insurance plan that meets the coverage requirements. You will be automatically billed for this coverage with your tuition. See below about the benefits of the KU Insurance, covering dependents, and possible waivers. These are the Kansas Board of Regents requirements for health insurance, please read the requirements carefully before leaving your country.

NOTE: Because all J-1 Visitors are required to have health insurance for themselves and their J-2 dependents for the duration of their stay, regardless of enrollment, J-2s who enroll in KU classes are not automatically billed for the insurance.

All F-1s and J-1s are allowed to add the KU health insurance for their dependents by contacting the International Insurance Coordinator at Dependents must be added to the insurance within 30 days of arriving, but it is safest to have insurance in place before they arrive.

Most international students take the automatic KU insurance, but students who have an alternative insurance plan may request a waiver of the KU plan if their insurance documentation shows it meets or exceeds the Kansas Board of Regents Requirements. If the waiver is denied, the student will be required to take the KU insurance.

Insurance purchased elsewhere may or may not have the same benefits when used at KU Watkins Health Services Center, or pay for the required Check-In Clinic. Insurance waivers are due the first day of classes in fall and spring (summer deadline may be earlier).

Learn more about the Insurance Waivers.

Benefits of using the KU United Healthcare Student Resources insurance at KU Watkins Health Services Center:

  • There is no cost for your Check-in Clinic, required immunizations, or Tuberculosis (TB) test 1. For more information about the TB test, email
  • KU Watkins Health Services is a UHCSR Network Provider.
  • There is no extra cost for seeing a doctor or nurse practitioner.
  • Lab testing, x-rays, and generic prescription medicine are $5.
  • 100% coverage for sickness and injury.
  • See insurance policy for other costs and costs associated with off-campus providers.

For more information about KU insurance

Learn more about our insurance requirements, the cost and automatic billing process, and the KU health insurance plan; or email the ISS Insurance Coordinator at

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