Internship with an International Organization

An F-1 student may apply to USCIS for authorization to participate in an offer of employment within an international organization that is recognized under the International Immunities Act. (See a list of qualifying organizations below). As long as the student is in valid F-1 status there is no waiting period prior to becoming eligible to apply for this type of employment. Employment may be full time and can be authorized in increments of up to one year.

The position does not have to be related to the student’s field of study, but the authorization cannot extend beyond the end of the student’s academic program. There must first be an official offer of employment from the sponsoring organization in order to apply for the authorization.

This type of employment authorization does not impact the student’s eligibility for participation in other types of employment related to F-1 status. However, during the period of employment the student must otherwise continue to maintain status, including continuing to pursue a full course of study. 

How to Apply

  1. Obtain a letter of certification from the international organization on their official letterhead that indicates the employment is within the scope of the organization’s sponsorship.
  2. Complete USCIS Form I-765. Follow USCIS instructions. Use the category code (c)(3)(ii) in section number 27 of the form. Type in your answers before printing the I-765.   Sign in black ink.
  3. OPTIONAL: ALSO COMPLETE USCIS FORM G-1145 while on the I-765 webpage. This form allows you to provide an email address to receive an email and/or a cell phone number to receive a text message when your application is received by the U.S. government.Type your answers before printing the form.  
  4. Schedule an appointment with an ISS advisor. Bring your letter from the international organization, your I-20, passport, I‑94, and completed I-765 (& optional G-1145) to your appointment.
  5. At your appointment the ISS advisor will review your documents. If everything appears to be in order the advisor will update your SEVIS record with the recommendation for the employment and will issue you a new I-20 showing the recommendation. Both you and the advisor will need to sign this new I-20.
  6. Assemble the following application materials to submit to USCIS. 
    • $410 application fee application fee in the form of a check or money order made payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”.
    • 2 photographs, passport style (guidelines on next page) with your name gently printed on the back. Be careful not to damage photos when writing.
      • The USCIS Service Center recommends placing the photo in a clear plastic ‘ziploc’ sandwich bag.
      • do NOT put a staple through the photos or trim the size of the photos.
    • Completed G-1145 (optional) - typed & printed out
    • Completed I-765 – typed, printed out, & signed - receipt and work permit are mailed to the address used on this form
    • Photocopy of the new I-20 signed by the ISS advisor on p.1 & 2, AND by you on p.1
    • Letter from the international organization.
    • Photocopy of your I-94 and ID pages of your passport. If applying for renewal of your authorization also include a copy of the previous work permit.
  7. Mail your assembled packet to USCIS. It is recommended that you send it in a manner that verifies delivery (such as certified mail with proof of delivery requested). Mail your application to:   

For US Postal Service:

PO Box 805373
Chicago, IL 60680

For non-Postal Service (FedEx, UPS, DHL etc.):

Attn: I-765 C03
131 South Dearborn - 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60603-5517  

List of Qualifying International Organizations

African Development Bank
African Development Fund
Asian Development Bank
African Union
Border Environmental Cooperation Commission
Caribbean Organization
Commission for Environmental Cooperation
Commission for Labor Cooperation
Commission for the Study of Alternatives to the Panama Canal
Customs Cooperation Council
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
European Space Agency (formerly the European Space Research Organization).
Food and Agriculture Organization
Global Fund
Great Lakes Fishery Commission
GRECO (Council of Europe in Respect of the Group of States Against Corruption)
Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices
Inter-American Defense Board
Inter-American Development Bank
Inter-American Institute for Cooperation for Agriculture
Inter-American Investment Corporation
Inter-American Statistical Institute
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)*
International Boundary and Water Commission - the United States and Mexico
International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes *
International Civil Aviation Organization
International Coffee Organization
International Committee of the Red Cross
International Cotton Advisory Committee
International Cotton Institute
International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) (Limited Privileges)
International Development Association*
International Development Law Institute
International Fertilizer Development Center
International Finance Corporation *
International Food Policy Research Institute (Limited Privileges)
International Fund for Agricultural Development
International Hydrographic Bureau
International Joint Commission - the United States and Canada
International Labor Organization
International Maritime Organization (formerly the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization)
International Maritime Satellite Organization
International Monetary Fund
International Organization for Migration (Formerly Provisional Intergovernmental Committee for the Movement of Migrants for Europe and Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration.)
International Pacific Halibut Commission
International Secretariat for Volunteer Service
International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT)
International Telecommunication Union
International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (Limited Privileges)
International Wheat Advisory Committee (International Wheat Council)
Interparliamentary Union
Israel-United States Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation
ITER International Fusion Energy Organization
Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency *
Multinational Force and Observers
North American Development Bank
North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission
North Pacific Marine Science Organization
Organization for American States (including Pan American Union)
Organization for Eastern Caribbean States
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (formerly the Organization for European Economic Cooperation)
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Pacific Salmon Commission
Pan American Health Organization (including Pan American Sanitary Bureau)
South Pacific Commission.
United International Bureau for the Protection of Intellectual Property (BIPRI)
United Nations
United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Universal Postal Union
World Health Organization
World Intellectual Property Organization
World Meteorological Organization
World Tourism Organization
World Trade Organization

*  One of the 5 agencies included within the "World Bank Group"

List Source: U.S. Dept. of State Foreign Affairs Manual Volume 9 – Visas, 9 FAM 41.24 Exhibit I (October 2009)