Sponsored Students

International Support Services is devoted to providing our sponsored students the resources they need for success. The University of Kansas welcomes sponsored students to campus to pursue non-degree or degree programs. KU is committed to providing first-rate support services to students and sponsoring organizations. We are proud to host over 260 sponsored students and partner with approximately 40 sponsoring governments, corporations and organizations.

The sponsored program coordinator works with each sponsored student to promote a successful, smooth and fulfilling experience at KU. Advising and assistance cover topics such as:

  • Requirements, terms and expectations of the sponsorship.
  • Documentation required by the sponsor, including transcripts, progress reports, special letters, and health insurance waivers (if qualified).
  • Course registration and collaboration with academic units.
  • Utilizing campus resources, including the Applied English Center, International Support Services, Watkins Health Center, Registrar’s Office, Student Accounts & Receivables, Counseling and Psychological Services, University Career Center and academic departments.
  • Identifying community service and internship opportunities.


  • Immigration Support

    Get information on maintaining your legal status and traveling with a visa

  • Pre-arrival Information

    ISS has a step-by-step guide to assist with all your needs before you get here.

  • Housing

    Find a place to live on campus, which include residence halls and apartments.

  • Orientation

    Your first week at KU will be really fun. You will meet a bunch of new friends and start your adventure in the United States.


Services designed for you

The University of Kansas is dedicated to offering the highest quality support services to sponsored students.

International Support Services will be with you from your acceptance to your graduation helping you navigate KU and facilitate communication with your sponsor as well as KU offices and departments.

    • Assistance with admissions processes and liaison with KU undergraduate and/or graduate admissions offices.
    • Liaison with academic departments regarding admissions placement, program information, and change of majors.
    • Specialized orientation services and programming.
    • Assistance with sponsor financial arrangements such as helping students understand the Bursar's Office requirements and setting up third-party billing.
    • Guidance to students regarding sponsor policies, procedures and paperwork such as health insurance waivers, financial guarantees and release forms.
    • Facilitation of communication between sponsor and sponsored students.
    • Student counseling on matters such as housing, general advising, health or family concerns and other personal issues.
    • Provision of regular and special academic progress reports to the sponsoring organization as required.
    • Coordination of sponsor site visits to KU, including local appointments with students, admission offices, as well as other university units and officials.

    Your Responsibilities

    As a sponsored student you will be responsible for monitoring your accounts and completing certain steps in order to maintain in good standing, enroll in classes and avoid fines.

    1. Monitor your Enroll & Pay student account on a regular basis, including the Billing notices. Any charges unpaid by the sponsor are the student's responsibility.
    2. Provide the Student Account Services with an updated financial guarantee or terms of award from your sponsor before the current one expires. If you do not present a valid financial guarantee, you will not be considered a sponsored student, and your account will be charged the total amount of tuition and fees.
    3. Submit a KU Sponsorship Release Form to allow the university to communicate with your sponsor. This form must be signed in front of a KU staff person or be notarized. 
    4. Read the Student Account Service letter (pdf) addressed to sponsored students.
    5. Enroll before the late enrollment fee period begins. Sponsors will not pay late fees you incur for enrolling late!
    6. Submit the Health Insurance Waiver (LINK) and health insurance card in iHawk each semester if your sponsor provides health insurance. If insurance is not provided by your sponsor, then you must pay for KU's health insurance while you are a student at KU.
    7. Submit the Transcript request form each semester in iHawk if you want a transcript to send to your sponsor.
    8. Always read emails received from the following departments and KU staff:
            Sponsored Program Coordinator
            Student Account Services
            International Support Services

    Details for Sponsors

    Sponsors must promptly pay invoices from the University of Kansas, otherwise, unpaid charges on sponsor invoices will be transferred back to the student and future sponsorships will not be accepted. For details on third-party billing policies and to read the letter to sponsors, please see the Student Accounts & Receivables website.

    Contact Student Accounts & Receivables, stu.account@ku.edu, or the sponsored program coordinator, Hazel Rogers with questions. 

    Accessibility Statement

    An accessible version of the documents on this site will be made available upon request. Please contact the International Support Services , at iss@ku.edu to request the document be made available in an accessible format.