Proof of Finances

Students requesting F-1 status must prove that enough funds are readily available to cover the first year of estimated expenses and should be prepared to prove that additional funds will be available for the duration of studies. Students requesting J-1 status must prove that funding is available for the entire J-1 program. Sufficient proof of finances must be provided before an I-20 or DS-2019 immigration document is created.

Acceptable Types of Financial Documentation

  • A bank statement from checking, savings, stock holding and/or certificates of deposit
  • Bank letter on letterhead indicating date account opened, average balance and current balance
  • An official loan sanction letter, indicating unconditional approval for a student education loan
  • A scholarship or sponsorship letter verifying the amount, source, and dates of the student's award
  • An official Graduate Assistantship (such as GTA or GRA) offer letter that indicates the benefits and dates of the student’s position

Requirements for Financial Documentation

  • Documents must be issued on the official stationery of the financial, sponsoring or lending institution.
  • Documents must be dated and less than six months old.
  • Documents must indicate the type and amount of currency held in the account.
  • Documents must indicate the account holder’s name, the date the account was opened, the average balance of the account and the current balance of the account.
  • If the documents are not in English, a certified English translation of the documents must be included with a copy of the original. 
  • If the financial document is not in the student's name, an affidavit statement (pdf) will be required.

*ISS reserves the right to verify any submitted documentation for authenticity with the financial institution.

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