DS-2019 Form Requests & Copies

Copies of Previous DS-2019 forms or Other Documents

If you need copies of one or more of your previous DS-2019s, or other documents that ISS may have on file, you can request them for a $20 fee. Log into iHawk and select "ISS Services for All Students" --> "Copies of Previous Documents".

You must pay the $20 fee at the ISS online store before the request can be processed. Processing times vary depending on the size of the request. Copies will not be available until at least two business days after the request is submitted.

Keep in mind it is your responsibility to retain all of your DS-2019s and it is not the responsibility of ISS to archive official copies of all documents.

Duplicate and/or Replacement Requests

If you (or your dependents) have lost your current DS-2019(s) or it is damaged, you can request a duplicate DS-2019 for a $20 fee per document. Log into iHawk and select "J-1 Student Services" --> "DS-2019 Requests". Click on "Start a New Request", then select "Current DS-2019 Duplicate/Replacement".

You must pay the $20 fee at the ISS online store before the request can be processed. Your request will be processed within 5 business days. Once it is processed, you will receive an email from ISS. If you are planning to travel abroad, please submit this request at least two weeks in advance.

DS-2019 Extension

Please refer to the above section DS-2019 Extension to learn how to start the DS-2019 extension process.

DS-2019 Add Dependent

Please refer to the J-2 Dependent section for to learn how to request a DS-2019 form for you dependent.