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International Student Orientation

Fall 2024 International Student Orientation

Aug 07
Graduate Student Arrival Date
Aug 14
Undergraduate Student Arrival Date

Your Introduction to KU

International Student Orientation (ISO) is a comprehensive program consisting of two parts: an online, pre-arrival component and a weeklong, in-person portion. It is designed to help new international students enroll and prepare for life at KU and in the United States. All new international students are required to register and attend.

Register for Orientation

  1. Setup your KU Online ID.
  2. After receiving the registration email from ISS, log in to iHawk.
  3. Once logged in, on your iHawk Home page scroll down to "Requests" and click on the "ISS Check-in Checklist".
  4. Start with the "Orientation" section.
  5. Submit the "Orientation Registration" e-form and select your start term.
  6. Complete all other e-forms under the "ISS Check-In" section on the checklist.

Plan Your Arrival

You must arrive by your report date, found on the immigration document sent to you by KU (I-20, DS-2019, etc.).

For Summer 2024: All students (graduate & undergraduate) must arrive by May 29, 2024

For Fall 2024:

Prepare Before Arriving On Campus

After registering for orientation in iHawk, you will receive access to an orientation course in Canvas (one of KU’s online learning management systems) for you to complete on your own schedule. The course includes detailed instructions for how to complete pre-enrollment requirements, meet with an academic advisor, and enroll.

  1. Complete the Canvas course as soon as possible to receive a priority enrollment appointment.
  2. Secure your housing on or off-campus. 
  3. Book your transportation from the airport to the campus. (KU will not be providing shuttle service from the airport for Summer or Fall 2024)

After Arrival

By this point, you will have spent the last few months learning about how to be successful academically as well as preparing for the cultural shift of living in a new country. Upon your arrival, there will be large welcome events, fun social outings where you will meet your peers, as well as a mandatory ISS check-in, 'Staying Legal' Presentation, health screening, and English language assessments for those that need it. You will have the opportunity to see where your classes are, hear from different organizations on campus, and meet some of your professors. Welcome to KU!

Your First Few Weeks

Hawk Week

A ten day week of Rock Chalk Spirit. As the kickoff to your KU career, thousands of Jayhawks gather for live events and student activities.

KU Traditions

You become a Jayhawk the day arrive on campus. Learn about the history of our mascot or the words to our fight song.