Enrollment for F-1 Students

F-1 regulations require students to pursue a full course of study. During each Fall and Spring semester, KU defines full-time enrollment:

For undergraduate students:

  • 12 credit hours (including any AEC courses)

For graduate students:

  • 9 credit hours
  • 6 credit hours plus a GTA, GRA, or GA appointment
  • Doctoral candidates who have passed the Doctoral Oral Comprehensive exam should be enrolled according to Graduate Studies Doctoral Candidacy policy.

Limitation on counting ONLINE course credits towards minimum requirement:

Only one online class (up to 3 credit hours) can count towards the full-time enrollment requirement. 

  • Note: students taking any AEC classes cannot count any online class towards the full-time enrollment requirement.

Definition of ONLINE vs IN-PERSON classes based on mode of instruction shown on course catalogue:

  • Considered In-Person credits: "In Person", "Hybrid Classroom", "Video Conference"
  • Considered Online credits: "Hybrid Online", "World Wide Web"


Dropping below required full time credits? Obtain ISS permission first!!

Students must not drop a course and become less than full time without prior authorization from ISS. Please note that there are very limited circumstances in which pursuing less than full-time study is allowed. Please read the Reduced Course Load section.

Important: Dropping below full time without ISS permission is a deportable offense. If KU ISS has not approved the RCL by the deadline or prior to dropping below full time, you will be considered in violation of your legal status.

Academic Advising

If you need help in choosing courses for the current or future semester please reach out to your your academic advisor.

  • Undergraduate students please go to Jayhawk Academic Advising.
  • Graduate Students please go to Graduate Program Coordinator within your department.