Travel Signatures and DS-2019 Reprint (J Scholar)

Verify You Need a Reprint

Use this page if you need to request a DS-2019 form:

  • To obtain a new travel signature
  • To replace a lost or missing DS-2019

Obtain a New Travel Signature

What is a Travel Signature?

A travel signature is relevant only to J-1 scholars (and their dependents) who are planning to travel abroad and return to the U.S. in J status. You do not need a travel signature to leave the U.S.

Check to See if You Need a Travel Signature now

You will need an unexpired travel signature on the date you re-enter the U.S. You should use your most recently issued DS-2019 for travel.

  • A travel signature on page one on your DS-2019 is valid for 12 months or until the end date on your DS-2019, whichever is earlier.

Follow the instructions below to request a DS-2019 reprint in iHawk.

  1. Login to iHawk
  2. Submit "Travel Signature Request" form in J-1 Scholar Services
  3. Your supervisor will receive an email asking them to approve your travel request
  4. You will get an email asking you to bring in your DS-2019 form so that an advisor can sign your DS-2019 form for travel.

See Documents Needed for Travel page for the complete list of documents you need when traveling.

Not enough time to receive the DS-2019 before your return to the U.S.?

Our maximum processing time is 5 business days, however, our office makes every effort to process requests as quickly as possible.


Replace a Lost or Missing DS-2019 Form

You forgot to bring your DS-2019 with you or lost it while traveling. Don’t panic! We can replace it.

Follow the instructions below to request a DS-2019 reprint in iHawk.

  1. Login to iHawk to request your new DS-2019 form
  2. Complete "Replace DS-2019 Form"
  3. You will receive an email when your new DS-2019 form is ready to be picked up.