International Student Scholarship Policies and FAQs

Information for students who currently hold an international student scholarship.

This page contains information for current students who hold any of the following scholarships:

  • International Achievement Award ($3000 per year) 
  • International Distinction Award ($6000 per year)
  • International Merit Award ($9000 per year)
  • International Excellence Award
  • International Transfer Award
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship ($3000, $6000, or $9000 per year) scholarships awarded through the AAP program​​​​​​

Note:Awarding and applications for all the above scholarships are discontinued starting spring 2024, except the International Transfer Award. Current students will continue to receive their awards as outlined in their award letter. International students admitted summer 2024 and later may be awarded scholarships at the time of admission. Those scholarships are managed by Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Students who currently hold the any of the scholarships above may refer to the FAQs below, or contact with questions about their scholarship.

Students seeking additional scholarships should contact Financial Aid and Scholarships or review the Scholarship and Loan Information page.

FAQs for Current Scholarship Holders


Where can I find the terms of my scholarship?

Most information about your scholarship can be found in your award letter. If you do not have a copy of your award letter, please email


Can my scholarship be applied to study abroad tuition costs?

Some scholarships may be applied to some faculty-led study abroad experiences. Send an email to with a link to the program that interests you, and we will get back to you.


Can my scholarship be applied to summer course tuition?

Only the International Excellence Award covers summer tuition. The $3k, $6k and $9k annual (including AAP scholarships) and the International Transfer awards are only disbursed in the fall and spring semesters, so they are not applied to summer tuition.


I’m a citizen of Costa Rica or Paraguay and I have questions about my tuition benefit.

Please email


How many credits must I take per semester to maintain my scholarship?

Students with the tiered $3k, $6k and $9k scholarships (including AAP scholarships) must enroll in 27 credits per academic year.

International Excellence Award recipients and transfer award recipients must make progress toward their degrees, but there is no enrollment minimum or maximum for scholarship purposes. Generally, full-time enrollment is advised, except in your last semester.

Remember that generally there are no extensions to scholarships, so keep that in mind when planning your enrollment each semester. There may be enrollment requirements for academic or immigration purposes, please also connect with your academic advisor and with ISS regarding your enrollment questions.


What’s the minimum GPA I need to maintain my scholarship?

Students with the $3k, $6k and $9k scholarships (including AAP scholarships) or the International Transfer Award must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Students with the International Excellence Award must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA.


I can’t see my scholarship on my account!

Students with the $3k, $6k and $9k scholarships (including AAP scholarships) or with the International Excellence Award typically see their scholarship listed as “Tuition Waiver – International” in their student finances account in Enroll and Pay.

Students with the International Transfer Awards may see the scholarship listed as “ISSS Scholarship” or by a particular fund name in Enroll and Pay. If you do not see your scholarship listed on your account, or if you don’t know which name to look for, email


Do I need to pay taxes on my scholarship?

The $3k, $6k and $9k scholarships and the International Excellence Award are not taxable, these are waivers which reduce tuition.

The International Transfer Awards may be taxable, for tax information please look here:, reach out to or email


Can I take a leave of absence and keep my scholarship?

Please contact about this question. Please be aware that there are no extensions of scholarships due to a leave of absence.


Can my scholarship be extended?

Generally, no. Scholarships are typically only renewable for the period listed on the award letter. However most scholarships are awarded with your expected graduation date in mind (except 5 year programs, such as architecture), so please email if you believe you will not graduate before the termination of your scholarship. Please include documentation of your expected graduation date from your academic advisor.


Can I have more scholarships?

We encourage you to connect with your financial aid counselor to help you with your scholarship search. You can find that person here.


Can I change my major or academic program? Will that affect my scholarship?

You can absolutely change your major, add a major or minor, etc. However, no extensions to scholarships will be granted due to a change in your academic plan. This means you should talk to your academic advisor about any changes you decide to make, and confirm that you will still graduate within the time allotted on your award letter, or that you have sufficient funding for the semesters following your scholarship expiration.


May I drop a course? Will that affect my scholarship?

As long as you are maintaining your required enrollment for your scholarship, dropping a course will not affect your scholarship. However, there may be enrollment requirements for academic or immigration purposes, please also connect with your academic advisor and with ISS regarding your enrollment questions.


Can my scholarship be combined with other financial aid or external scholarships?

Your scholarship can be combined with external scholarships and with most financial aid. There are very rare instances where scholarships cannot be combined (most waivers cannot be combined).


Will my scholarship be affected if I change my residency status or citizenship during my studies?

You must be classified as an international student by KU each year to continue this award. If you change your immigration status from non-immigrant (such as F-1, J-1, etc.) to immigrant (such as legal U.S. permanent resident), the award will no longer be available to you. Please contact us at if you expect your status might change, so we can discuss the possible scholarship implications with you.


I lost my scholarship due to low GPA. My GPA has improved, can I get my scholarship back?

Possibly! Email us at and we will review your eligibility, and let you know!


I have a question not listed here.

We would love to hear from you at!