Transportation from the Airport to Lawrence

Airport to Lawrence

If you are flying in, you will need to connect into Kansas City International Airport (Airport Code=MCI). The ride from the airport to Lawrence is approximately one hour. We encourage you to carefully view the choices below for reserving a ride to Lawrence before you arrive in Kansas City. For the options below it is customary to tip 15% of the charge.

You can make your own reservations with a commercial shuttle, a taxi, or a car rental company for transportation from the airport to Lawrence. Below is information about various companies currently connecting from the Kansas City airport to Lawrence:

  • Flat Rate: flat rate means that this is the total cost of the shuttle reservation, regardless of whether or not it is used by only one passenger or more than one passenger.
  • Shared Ride: shared ride means that you pay the specified amount to reserve your space in a shuttle that may also be providing transportation to other individuals.

Better Alternative Transportation Services (BATS)

5 Guys Transportation

Super Shuttle

SDM Transportation

Taxis are available through various taxi service telephones located at the baggage claim areas in each terminal and outside the terminal exits. Taxi service from the airport is very expensive, but it may be possible to share the ride with other people to reduce the cost. Before entering a taxi, establish the estimated cost with the driver.   

There is typically a minimum age requirement of at least 21 to rent a car (with a younger driver surcharge up to age 25), and drivers must have a license that will allow them to drive legally in the U.S. If you would like to rent a car, please see the car rental link on the Kansas City International Airport webpage for options. Many companies require that the car be returned to their originating rental facility, so please be aware of this if you decide to rent one.

You may arrange for personal transportation from the airport through a friend or a relative. Some of the campus student nationality organizations also assist students from their representative countries. Please take a look at the list of campus student organizations.

Transportation in Lawrence

Public transportation in Lawrence and its surrounding areas may not be as comprehensive as you are used to in your home country. However, Lawrence does offer options for you. For information about how to get around in Lawrence, please review the options below.

The Lawrence and KU campus bus service is an integrated system of buses. All buses (with the exception of the K-10 Connector) are free to ride if you show your KU ID card, which you will receive at orientation registration. If you do not have your KU ID card, there is a small fee to ride the bus. Buses run Monday through Saturday, with reduced schedules on Saturdays and when classes are not in session. You may also hear the city bus service referred to as “the T”.

For more information and to view routes, visit KU on Wheels or Lawrence Transit.

SafeRide and SafeBus, operated by KU Parking & Transit, also offer safe transportation options for students at night. SafeRide operates during the fall, spring, and summer semesters and SafeBus operates during the fall and spring semesters. For more information and for schedules, please visit their website.

There are not as many taxi cabs available in Lawrence as there are in larger cities, but Lawrence does have taxi services. If you want to use a taxi, you will likely have to call to have it pick you up; they may not be readily available where you are located. While they can be convenient, taxis can be pricey. You are also expected to tip drivers around 15% of the fare. 

Recently, Uber has become a popular alternative to taxis. Instead of taxi cabs, Uber drivers go through an application process and background check to offer taxi-like services in their own cars. Prices vary depending on demand, but Uber is generally a cheaper option than taxis and tips are not currently expected.

Parking on Campus

For information on parking and parking permits, please refer to KU’s Parking & Transit website.