I-94 Admission Record

What is an I-94 record

Your I-94 tracks your arrival and departures from the U.S. It also says what status you were admitted to and how long you're able to stay. Your I-94 becomes available AFTER you enter the U.S.

How to get your I-94

Once you arrive in the U.S. your I-94 document will be available on the government website below. Please print the document once you arrive in the U.S. Legally, you are required to carry your I-94 with you at all-times.

You will get a NEW I-94 with a NEW admission number every time you enter the U.S. You should have the letters "D/S" on your I-94, which means that you are admitted to the U.S. for the "Duration of Status", or for as long as your are maintaining status - this is typically the time that it takes for you to complete your degree/program.

Once you find your I-94 record, please upload it to iHawk on the "ISS Check-in" tab.