United Healthcare Insurance Rates and Dependent Options

Student Insurance Rates

If you are either an F-1, F-2, or J-1 student enrolling in KU classes, the fee for health insurance is automatically placed on your tuition bill, at the time you enroll in classes. The insurance is only available on a semester by semester basis.

2023-2024 Insurance Rates - United Healthcare
Student and Spouse$5662.00$2359.00$2359.00$944.00
Student and One Child$5662.00$2359.00$2359.00$944.00
Student and Two or More Children$8493.00$3538.50$3538.50$1416.00
Student, Spouse, and One Child$8493.00$3538.50$3538.50$1416.00
Student, Spouse, Two or more Children$11324.00$4718.00$4718.00$1888.00

Visiting Scholar Insurance Rates

If you are a J-1 research scholar or J-1 short-term scholar and you will have a Visiting Scholar appointment at KU, then you will purchase the United Healthcare policy directly from United Healthcare. You will submit an enrollment form and an email that includes a credit card payment link will be sent to you from United Healthcare. You can choose to enroll in the United Healthcare plan a single month at a time, or by selecting multiple months. Please note that these prices are based on the annual amount for a single person. There is no price discount between the monthly rate versus the semester or yearly rate.

2023-2024 Insurance Rates - Visiting Scholar - United Healthcare
Scholar and Spouse$5662.00$472.00
Scholar and One Child$5662.00$472.00
Scholar and Two or more Children$8493.00$708.00
Scholar, Spouse, and One Child$8493.00$708.00
Scholar, Spouse, and Two or more Children$11324.00$944.00


If you are not an F-1, F-2, or J-1 student enrolled in classes, you are not automatically signed up for the United Healthcare plan. If you would like to purchase the KU UnitedHealthcare (UHC) insurance, or are changing your status, please contact the International Support Services Insurance Team: issinsurance@ku.edu.

If you are a permanent resident, U.S. citizen, or currently in any non-immigrant status (ie: H-1, L-2, TN, etc.) and would like to purchase the KU UnitedHealthcare (UHC) insurance, you may purchase the insurance online via the UHCSR Website using a VISA, MasterCard or E-check. The insurance coverage will be effective the day after you purchase it, or the policy effective date whichever is later.

NOTE: Because all J-1 Visitors are required to have health insurance for themselves and their J-2 dependents for the duration of their stay, regardless of enrollment, J-2’s who enroll in KU classes are not automatically billed for the insurance. Contact issinsurance@ku.edu to sign up for the KU UHC insurance.

Purchase Coverage for your Spouse or Children

  • If you have any questions, issinsurance@ku.edu.
  • The price above for dependents includes the student portion, however, you will still pay for your student portion of insurance through your student financial account, and you will pay for your dependents separately.
  • Dependents must be added to the insurance within 30 days of arriving, but it is safest to have insurance in place before they arrive.