Concurrent Enrollment

Request to count courses not taken on KU Campus as part-time or full-time enrollment.

F-1 regulations require students to be in a full course of study (generally, 12 credit hours for undergraduates and 9 credit hours for graduates) each Fall and Spring semester.  With approval, students are allowed to count Distance Ed/Online courses (limited to 1 course not to exceed 3 credit hours per semester), and/or courses taken at another SEVIS approved school as part of their required full time enrollment.  However, at least half of the credits required for full time enrollment must be taken on the KU campus. 

Important: If KU ISS has not approved the concurrent enrollment by the deadline or prior to dropping below full time, you will be considered in violation of your legal status.

concurrent enrollment

YES, KU ISS approval required ifNO approval needed if
Enrolling part time on KU campus and want to count credits taken at another institution towards your full time enrollment.Enrolled full time on KU campus.
Enrolled full time on KU campus and now want to drop below full time at KU.  You must get approval to count your off campus credits toward your full time enrollment before dropping the KU course.

Enrolled for summer at another school

(see important rules below if summer is your first or final term)

  • Must be in legal F-1 status
  • Must remain on a KU I-20 during the semester for which the approval is granted
  • Can only count courses taken at SEVIS approved colleges and universities (ex. JCCC, Neosho, Barton, UMKC)
  • Must take at least half of the credits required for full time enrollment on the KU campus (ex. at least 6 credits for undergrad, 5 credits for grad, on KU campus)
  • Distance Ed or Online Course enrollment is limited to 1 course not to exceed 3 credits per semester as part of full time enrollment

    Undergrad example:

    • 9 hours lecture (in-person) plus 6 hours online = OK
    • 6 hours lecture (in-person) + 6 hours online = NOT OK
  • Students with an education level of “Language Training” or “Other; Pathway Program” listed on their I-20 may not count any online classes toward the full-time enrollment requirement
  • Combined enrollment must total a full course of study
  • Upon completion of approved concurrent enrollment, transfer those credits back to KU (request transcript to be sent to KU) to verify completion of combined full time enrollment
  • before the 20th day of classes
  • If after 20th day of classes, before dropping below full time at KU

Summer concurrent enrollment approval is not necessary, however, if summer is your first or final term then you must take at least 1 lecture credit hour (in-person) on the KU campus.

Step 1

  • Enroll in the courses at the other institution (must be a SEVIS approved school; ex. JCCC, Neosho, Barton, UMKC), as well as your courses at KU.  

Step 2

  • Log into iHawk and complete the “Concurrent Enrollment” e-form under "F-1 Student Services"
  • If you were previously authorized for concurrent enrollment, and have not yet transferred those credits to KU, then you will need to upload scanned proof of completion (ex. online transcript pdf, or grade report pdf) when submitting this e-form request.
  • If you are enrolled at more than one non-KU school, and counting courses from different schools, submit an e-form for each school.

Step 3

  • Once you receive an email that the other school has verified your enrollment information, come to the ISS office and meet with an immigration advisor during drop-in advising hours to have your concurrent enrollment request reviewed and processed.
  • It is your responsibility to confirm that your concurrent enrollment is authorized by a KU ISS advisor before the deadline or prior to dropping below full time.