Out of Country Waiver

 If you will be out of the country while enrolled in any KU courses, you will need to submit the “Enrolled but Out of the Country” insurance waiver e-form each semester by the semester’s insurance waiver during the insurance waiver process time for each semester.   

This Out of Country Waiver must be submitted before the first day of class.

The Out of the Country Waiver requires you to indicate you will NOT be in the U.S. the entire length of the semester (Fall: Aug 1- Dec 31. Spring: Jan 1 - May 31. Summer: June 1 - July 31.). When you submit your “Out of the Country” Waiver, you will need to supply the following information:

  1. PDF of documents showing when you left the USA, and if you are returning to the USA,  when you will be returning. These documents should include: airline ticket and scan of exit/entry Visas or Passport.   All documents need to be in English.  If you are submitting airline ticket or flight itinerary, documents must include your name, name of airline company, flight numbers, date of flights which includes day, month, year.  
  2. State that if you return for any reason, you know you are responsible for being insured the length of your stay. You will need to indicate that you will submit proof of insurance to the ISS office, in the event you return to the USA for any reason during the semester. Please let the ISS Insurance Team know your travel plans a few weeks before you travel.
  3. Submit the waiver for every semester you are out of the USA and enrolled in classes at KU.

Out of Country Waiver Process

  1. Log into iHawk Portal with your KU online ID and password.
  2. Click on “Insurance and Finances” from the left-side panel.
  3. Click on “Student Health Insurance”.
  4. And then click on "Fall - Enrolled but Out of Country (Insurance Waiver Request)”.
  5. Complete the form, including providing documentation of your departure from the US and, if applicable, your planned return.