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Culture Shock - All students experience this during their time studying abroad. Learn about the causes and tips to over come the effect.

Home Sickness - Being away from home and family is often challenging. Here are some tips for dealing with home sickness.

International Peer Support - Staffed by international students, for international student, the International Peer Support group can help you navigate your transition at KU.

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International Student Services can provide various information sessions and trainings for interested departments, offices, or organizations on campus. Our staff is well-versed in topics such as F-1 and J-1 immigration regulations, employment opportunities for international students, cross-cultural communication and cultural adjustment, student support services, and more.

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Fall Break Activities  Thursday, September 27, 2017

With Fall break approaching, you might be looking for some places to explore. Here is a list of interesting, fun and historic places within a 2 hour drive of Lawrence…

First Fridays in KC, MO : Every first weekend, lots of music and art to see in the Cross Roads district of KC. Also down in the West Bottoms Warehouse District which is becoming a go to place for music, art, antiques.

Power and Light District : KC’s big club/restaurant district. Downtown by the Sprint Center

The Plaza : The first outdoor purpose built shopping district in the US. Unique Spanish architecture. Good restaurants and shopping if you have the cash…the shops are rather “toney”

Old Missouri Town : Located in Lake Jacomo Park, in Blue Springs, MO east of KC. Reconstructed Missouri border town circa 1856. Has been used the set for several films.

Truman Library – Presidential Library/Museum of President Harry Truman. Located in Independence, MO. You can also tour his home which is part of the National Park Dept.

Museum of the Frontier Army : Located on Ft. Leavenworth, in Leavenworth, KS. Museum covers the US Army during the westward expansion period.

Eisenhower Library/Museum, Abilene, KS : Presidential Library/Museum for President Eisenhower.

White Cloud, KS. : Home of the White Cloud Flea Market twice a year, pretty much a ghost town otherwise but it’s a beautiful drive.

Atchison, KS : Historic KS river town, built by the railroad barons of the 19th century. Amazing mansions, lovely river side park.

Weston, MO : One of the oldest Missouri River Towns, old tobacco raising area. Nice drive, interesting shops, McCormick Distillery tours. Festivals throughout the year.

Ft. Scott National Historic Park, Ft. Scott, KS : Park of the Natl Park system, important historic site for the Indian Territory, Santa Fe Trail and Bloody KS periods

National WW1 Museum : Located at Liberty Memorial in KC, MO. The largest and best collection/museum dedicated to the first world war. You can also go to the top of the memorial for an amazing view of KC

KC Aquarium : Located at Crown Center, near the Union Train Station in KC, MO

Union Station : Home of the KC Science and Discovery Center. They always have amazing exhibits going. It is a restored Art Deco train station.

Shawnee Indian Mission : Located in Fairway, KS not far from the Plaza, this was the heart of the Shawnee Indian reservation in the 1830’s. Museum with history of the Indian territory.

Three Trails Center : Located in Independence, MO, this museum covers the history of the 3 major western immigrant trails, Oregon, California and Santa Fe.

Flint Hills Discovery Center : Manhattan, KS, interpretive center for the Flint Hills area of Kansas. Changing exhibits.

Tall Grass Prairie Monument : Part of the National Park Service, located near Cottonwood Falls, KS this is one of the few natural prairie areas left in the US. Historic ranch, bus tours, hiking trails and interpretive center.

Cottonwood Falls, KS : This small town is known for its festivals and art galleries and Victorian era courthouse. Famous for it’s annual ranch rodeo as well.

Fort Riley, KS : Home of the US Army’s 1st Division, it was an important westward expansion army post. It is home to the US Cavalry Museum as well being the territorial capital of KS.

Parkville, MO : Just north of KC, MO, this small college town sits on the bluffs over the Missouri River. Picturesque with quaint shops and restaurants, it host a variety of festivals during the year.

Lexington, MO : East of KC,MO, this Missouri River town was the site of the Battle of Lexington during the Civil War. Museum and interpretive center.

ROCK CHALK and enjoy fall in Kansas, it's a lovely time to go exploring!

Stephen A. Byrn
Student Resource Coordinator
International Student Services
Strong Hall, Rm 2

Getting to know Americans  Thursday, September 21, 2017

One of the most exciting things about studying abroad is getting to know the “locals”. As an international student your experiences at KU will be enhanced by developing friendships with your American classmates. In doing this it is important to remember that the US is a culturally diverse country. Virtually everyone you meet has come from somewhere else. Most people in the US are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants. This multiculturalism can make it hard to identify the cultural practices of the “typical American”. There are some general traits of American culture. Bear in mind these are generalizations, sometimes these traits do not apply The best way to learn about a new culture is to interact with the locals!

Individualism - Individuality is highly valued by American culture. Americans often identify as individuals before identifying with their family, group or nation. Children are taught that understanding and relying on themselves is crucial to their success in life. This does not mean that Americans do not develop strong social or family networks. Rather, it is believed that improving oneself is thought to benefit the majority. Sometimes this individualism can be seen as rudeness by people from more collective cultures, but this is not the intention.

Equality - American society is based upon the ideal that “all men are created equal’> While there social, economic and cultural differences in American culture, in theory everyone is believed to have an equal chance for success in life regardless of where they come from. Because of this emphasis on equality, Americans tend to disregard social status in everyday interactions. People from cultures which hold social status in high regard may feel Americans do not treat them with enough respect. On the other hand, Americans may feel offended if they feel they are not being treated equally or with a lower social status.

Informality - Partly due to their sense of equality, Americans tend to be very informal. Dress in an educational setting can often be very casual. This informality extends itself to friendliness with strangers. This can be surprising to many international students when people they do not know well openly share their thoughts and feelings. Often Americans will ask, “How’s it going?” as a way of saying hello. While these forms of informality may be startling if you are not used to it. Americans mean it as a warm and friendly gesture.

Punctuality - Americans can always seem to be in a rush. Efficiency and timeliness are a highly regarded trait. Americans may seem impatient because in general they put a great value on time. Punctuality is very important in social, educational and business settings. Arriving late may seem rude or unprofessional to most Americans. There is a saying in America that “Early is on time, one time is late.” Meetings with friends can be more casual, but it is nice to keep people updated if you are running late.

Directness - Americans believe that being direct is the best way to communicate and that it is the only way to be heard. To people of different cultures this may seem rude or aggressive. The importance of individuality in US culture has fostered a sense of competitiveness which has led to the need for everyone to be heard. Americans are not shy about defending their opinions and points of view. Honesty and openness are highly valued. Being direct is often seen as the best way to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings, good to know when dealing with American roommates and friends. Americans generally believe that by addressing the issue directly they are helping resolve the situation, while someone from a different cultural background might see this as aggressive and confrontational.

Remember Rule #1

Rock Chalk!

Stephen A. Byrn
Student Resource Coordinator
International Student Services
Strong Hall, Rm 2

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