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Pace Academic Leaders are student volunteers who support international student academic success by identifying and sharing with their pace group opportunities for academic engagement in their department, on campus, or in the community.

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Pace Academic Leaders (PALs) are an unpaid, volunteer group leader position through the ISS Volunteer Corps. The groups are called Pace Groups.
•    Pace Groups are groups of students in the same major, program, department, and level of study who will work together towards their common goal of academic success and graduation.
•    PALs are experienced students who will lead the group by researching information about support and opportunities in their department or school and communicating with their group members.
•    PALs will be matched to groups of new international students in the same major, program, department, and level as they are. Only graduate students will be matched with graduate students, only undergraduate students will be matched with undergraduate students.
•    PALs will spend one hour per week (every week of the semester) researching opportunities and communicating with their groups through an informational email. Group emails will be due Mondays at noon.
•    Service hours will be certified by the ISS office
•    The expectation of a PAL is that you will answer questions about 
o    your department and program
o    support resources such as tutoring or study groups
o    share research and academic engagement opportunities
o    share any clubs or organizations
o    career resources
o    and more!